Patient Information

Whether you're a current patient, a potential patient or someone who's just interested in what osteopathy is and how it works, this is the website for you.

As a group Oxford's Osteopathic Network was established in Feb 2013, and has brought many of the osteopaths around the county together to help each other and share resources. It is also our goal to help people in Oxfordshire understand more about us osteopaths and our role in your healthcare.

Within this part of the website you will find 4 main pages:

  1. What is osteopathy? - this describes what osteopathy is, how osteopaths work, what we do, and what you might expect from a typical osteopathic appointment. We've also included a little background as this helps set the scene in showing how osteopathy has evolved across the years in the UK.
  2. Find an osteopath - We've included a directory of all our members details so you can find an osteopath closest to you, and included is a method of selecting the style of osteopathy you might be looking for, and of course a description of those styles.
  3. Ask your osteopath - We have a question and answer comments board where you're welcome to ask us a question and we'll get back to you with an answer. This can be anonymous though we would like to publish various commonly asked questions, and may ask your permission to do so.
  4. Evidence - the evidence base for osteopathy is improving all the time, including enough evidence to support what we do for the National Institute of Clinical Excellence to recommend osteopathic treatment for chronic non-specific low back pain, and for the NHS guidelines on Musculo-skeletal Care to recommend osteopaths on virtually every page. We hope to make things easier by bringing the evidence to you too, to show that osteopathy is an evidence based manual therapy.

Beyond that we would love to have any feedback or comments you may have by commenting here, (feel free to use the form below).