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Welcome to the OON Membership page.

joinnowTo gain access to the plethora of information reserved for our wonderful members, you'll need to choose one of the following three membership options...

1. Student Membership (you'll need to bring your student card with you to all OON events) £20

2. Associate Membership (for allied healthcare professionals including; Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Sports Masseurs etc) £40

3. Osteopathic Membership (all osteopaths welcome no matter where you live!) £30
Remember with all these memberships you'll be able to access conversations on the forum, video from our previous lectures, content from our research team, and much more besides. If you have any questions please contact us. Or leave your comment below.


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    Please could you check my membership application, I filed the form out and paid yesterday and thought I had activated my account but I don’t seem to be able to log in and want to book a place for the march cpd.

    Many thanks


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    I seem to have had a real difficulty in ever getting my membership on this site and ever getting any reminder of what is happening with OON. I have paid for a new membership but cannot find a way of checking my membership or re establishing my details with an e-mail address. Please can we get this sorted out once and for all?

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    Please could you check my membership application, I filled the form out and paid but I cannot log in and wanted to book a last minute place for the cpd tomorrow.

    Many thanks

    Robert Pettingell

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      Hi Robert,
      I’ve just seen the message you left on the website, sorry for not picking this up earlier. If this has been dealt by someone on the committee please ignore this message, otherwise could you please tell us what the problem is when you try to log in on the website?
      Thank you and best wishes,

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